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The rapidly-evolving coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is unsettling for everyone, but you are not alone. Although the unprecedented international demand for relief is testing people, industries and supply chains alike, Group XI Health is tirelessly committed to keeping as many people safe as possible. In an emergency situation such as this, being able to reach out for help, stating your immediate PPE needs, and receiving instant personal contact is critical.

Healthcare Wallet

Group XI Health will influence the healthcare industry by deploying its proprietary digital wallet technology to ensure payments between parties are instantaneous, convenient and secure. Group XI Health’s lifestyle and payment application employs an innovative mobile design, facilitating real-time claim adjudication and instant payment resolution, thus allowing patients to take ownership of their individual care.

Group XI Health’s platform is built to eliminate hidden carrier agendas, data transparency concerns, exclusionary networks and cost/quality issues. The platform will assist Group XI Health’s partners achieve dramatic reductions in expenses associated with the adjudication and transformation of revenue cycle management.


Utilizing a sophisticated rules engine and regional reference-based pricing algorithm, Group XI Health’s value-based model reimburses physicians a flat 120-150% of Medicare, while eliminating hidden carrier agendas, data transparency issues, exclusionary networks and guesswork about cost and quality.

Group XI Health’s healthcare wallet and adjudication engine aligns with numerous organizations, allowing them the ability to differentiate themselves by becoming leaders of innovation during this health care revolution. Moreover, Group XI Health predicts this model will create intense competition among healthcare providers to attract consumers; consumers who will now be informed and protected from financial surprises, and empowered healthcare decision makers.


Group XI Health’s healthcare wallet is designed to benefit a variety of healthcare ecosystem participants, such as physician groups, self-funded insurance employers, direct primary care networks, insurance payers, insurance brokers and third-party administrators. However, the most immediate benefits are to physicians and patients, as illustrated below.


  • Minimizes chart time preparation
  • Decreases revenue cycle management
  • Reduces payment days


  • Onboards via app and/or payroll services at date of employment
  • Processes all insurance needs
  • Allows for co-pay collection (HSA/FSA), insurance service history and current benefit news
  • Facilitates peer-to-peer communication (audio, video, chat)
  • Allows for bill payments

Competitive Advantages


The proposed functionality offered by Group XI Health to disrupt the health care payments market is expressed in three simple steps.


Group XI Health’s real-time adjudication process allows partner organizations to drastically reduce their healthcare costs as much as 30-60%.

Real-Time Reimbursement

Physicians would receive same-day payment for services, plus save the time and expense of billing.

Proprietary Technology

Built in a modular fashion, Group XI Health’s custom white-label mobile application platform allows multiple API integrations, granting clients the flexibility to integrate additional products and services to the application.

Technology Stack: Modern, robust and flexible state-of-the-art platform.

  • Built using (front-to-back) React.js,, Node.js, Redis, SQL Server, Docker and AWS
  • Leverages Apache Cordova framework to enable native mobile apps to be built, updated and deployed rapidly across all iOS and Android devices
  • Meets over a dozen security standards, including SOC 1/SSAE, SOC 2, SOC 3, FISMA, DODSRG Levels 2 and 4, FedRAMP and PCI DSS Level 1

Architecture and Infrastructure: Built for security, performance and scalability.

  • Fully private VPC with DMZ and separate data tier
  • High-performance, licensed relational database
  • High-availability load balancing of traffic
  • Frequent backups to a dedicated backup service
  • Check Point vSEC and AWS web application firewalls
  • Industry-leading network security solution in high availability configuration
  • Highly-redundant NAS for security, speed, scalability and reliability

End-to-End Platform Security: Incorporates the best security and fraud prevention practices.

  • Third-party access limited to approved IP addresses
  • Sensitive data stored in encrypted form
  • Salted hashing of password and PIN encryption
  • TLS to encrypt all third-party interactions
  • Remote account freezing for lost/stolen phones and compromised PINs
  • End-user PIN entry or biometric-authentication required for cash and retail transactions
  • Real-time fraud prevention triggers integrated into platform

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